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All Mine, At Long Last
Forced Feminization story:
    It was a brisk autumn when I met her, we had a marching band class together in high school. Her name is Stephanie. She was a foot shorter than me and was always very shy and quiet, but whenever she saw me her lips always formed the same smile. It was a knowing smile, like she was looking forward to something that's going to involve me but that I was clueless about. And with that smile, eyes that seemed to measure me and size me up. I found her very pretty and she started to grow on me, despite the strange smile and how she would say seemingly non-sequitur things to herself, so I would try on occasion to talk to her, but she was very reserved. Everyone has their quirks, right? Maybe she’ll open up after awhile.
    It’s marching practice, and I’ve known her for two years now. Stephanie is wearing a cute pair of booty shorts that I’m struggling to keep my eyes off. To my dismay, she catches me staring. W
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I Do by yotelex
Mature content
I Do :iconyotelex:yotelex 84 3
Little Ms TG pageant part 1
“Morning mom.” ten year old Scotty Reber said coming down for breakfast one morning.
“Oh...good morning dear.” His 38 year old mother Rachel Reber said getting her coat on and getting ready to leave.
“Is something wrong mom?” Scotty asked.
“No...just a little anxious about my flight.” Rachel said.
"You're not leaving again are you?" Scotty asked.
"Yeah, I'm going to England for a week." Rachel said.
"What?!" Scotty cried. "But you promised you'd take Josh and I to laser tag this weekend!"
"Yeah, I know honey but plans got changed." Rachel said. "An important client is in England and I can't turn this offer down."
"I wish you had more time to spend with me." Scotty said.
"I know dear." Rachel said. "Look, how about next weekend, we go out and so something together? And you can pick."
"Really?" Scotty asked.
"You bet sweetie." Rachel said.
“How long will you be in England for?” Scotty asked her.
“Just a week.” Rachel
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Little Ms TG pageant part 2
“Scotty sweetie, it’s time to get up.” Rachel said gently waking him up the next morning.
“Huh? Already?” Scotty asked.
“Yes, we’re leaving for the airport in one hour. Now get showered and do your hygeiene..” Rachel said.
Scotty did so.
When he came downstairs he found the other scientists sitting at the table eating and talking.
“Morning Scotty!!” Dr. Moritz said brightly.
“Good morning.” Scotty said politely.
“You ready for the big day?” Ivan asked.
“No.” Scotty said.
"Well, we'll help you." Dr. PEterson said.
“I made you some pancakes.” Rachel said.
“Thanks but I’m not very hungry.” Scotty said.
“Try and eat a little. It’ll be a long flight.” Rachel said.
“Fine.” SCotty said and he tried his best to eat some.
Scotty looked at Ivan.
"'re a homo?" Scotty asked.
"I'm a transgender." said Ivan. "That means I have a male body
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Little Ms TG pageant part 3
Scotty slowly opened his eyes and saw the doctors and his mother looking at him smiling.
“” he said wearily.
“Hello Scotty.” Rachel said happily.
“Di...did it work?" Scotty asked.
"Yes it did." Rachel said.
Ivan handed him a mirror.
Scotty’s eyes bulged. He was now a beautiful ten year old girl! He checked his pants for his you know what...but it was a fagina now!”
“Are you okay sweetie?” Rachel asked.
Scotty was silent.
"Scotty, are you..." Dr Peterson started.
"Stanley, give him a minute. He's clearly in shock." Rachel said.
Scotty didn't’ respond. He wasn’t sure what to do. He felt like crying. He wanted to be a boy again desperately...but then he thought about his mother....and realized it had to be done.
“Scotty, if this is too much for you, I...” Rachel started.
“No mom.” Scotty said finally. “I have to do this if we want to stay together. It’s up to me to keep us togethe
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Little Ms TG pageant part 4
Scotty soon woke up. He was having trouble adjusting to this new body.
"Man, this feels weird." he thought to himself. "I'd better learn how to adapt to this new body."
He headed for the bathroom and for the first time, had to sit down to go to the bathroom.
"Well, this isn't so hard." he thought to him/herself. "Maybe being a girl isn't so bad after all."
He went to get his action figures...but instead he decided to comb his hair.
"Instincts, I guess." Scotty thoguht. He/she started combing when the door suddenly opened.
Scotty spun around to see Cheryl standing there smiling.
"Well hello there." she said grinning. "You must be Rachel's daughter."
"W-who are you?" Scotty asked nervously.
"A friend of your mom's." she said. "Or EX-friend rather."
"Are you...Cheryl Poucket?" Scotty asked nervously.
"Good guess!" Cheryl smiled. "You are a smart young girl Scarlet!"
Scotty was relieved she didn't know.
"W-where's my mom?" Scotty asked afraid.
"Don't worry. They're outside." Cheryl said. "
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Little ms TG pageant 5
Carter then stepped out on stage to announce the beauty pageant.
“Good evening ladies gentlemen, my name is Carter Aikman and I’m host of the Little miss talent Pageant (all the good names were already taken).” everyone laughed at this.
“Now before we start the contest, I have an announcement to make. I work for PBS and your contributions to us have been going down. If you could please start bringing them up again, that would be great. Now, let’s meet our contestants!”
Everyoone applauded as the girls stepped out on stage in their dresses and waved.
“Okay girls, now each of you step out and introduce yourself.”
“I’m Audey Pope, I’m eight years old, and I really love beauty pagents!”
“I’m Chelsea Patton, I’m eleven years old and I am the most beautiful girl in the world!”
“I’m Elisa Timian, I’m nine years old and I hope to win this pageant!”
“I’m Megan Lee,
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Little ms TG pageant 6
“I don’t understand....” Ivan said. “Why didn’t it work?”
Peterson hit the button a few times, but the machine did not turn on.
“Why...why isn’t it working?” Rachel asked freaked out now. "L-lower Scotty down."
They did so.
“Let’s check the machine.” Dr. Peterson suggested. They all did.
“The chip is missing!” Dr. Moritz cried. “Somebody stole the chip!!”
Scotty all of a sudden woke up.
"M-mom?" Scotty asked in a muffled voice with the bandages. They removed them.
"W-why am I still a girl?" Scotty asked.
"The machine’s just needs a second to warm up.” Rachel lied not wanting to frighten him/her.
“No it doesn’t!” a voice said.
Everyone turned. There was Cheryl, Samson and Tina all standing there smiling.
“y-you did this!” Rachel screamed.
“I figured it out.” Samson said. “I wasn’t wrong about you having a son! You turned him in
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Miranda Michelle Truesdell Lookbook Look #1 by miranda-truesdell Miranda Michelle Truesdell Lookbook Look #1 :iconmiranda-truesdell:miranda-truesdell 3 2 Crisis Call 911 by amandahawkins71 Crisis Call 911 :iconamandahawkins71:amandahawkins71 160 22 Payback by amandahawkins71 Payback :iconamandahawkins71:amandahawkins71 178 26 Hypnotic Feminization by amandahawkins71 Hypnotic Feminization :iconamandahawkins71:amandahawkins71 129 19


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